Black smith tradition alive, making steel into art with marvelous skills
Forging and Casting Works!
Qingdao Sereda Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996, the year we started producing a few simple wrought iron spears for one customer from Italy. After two decades of continuous development, improvement and expansion, today Qingdao Sereda not only makes popular wrought iron components such as spearheads, collars/studs/shoes, hand-forged bars, artistic panels, baskets, rivets and spheres, etc., our products also extended into other decorative metal forms in cast iron, cast steel, die cast, as well as precision casting and stainless steel, etc..Two decades of hard work brought us to be one of the largest wrought iron suppliers from China,our products are sold across the globe, with EU and North America count as two biggest markets. 

Through decades of close cooperation with some of the biggest wrought iron companies in the world, Sereda teamis proud of itself for providing customers the ideal combination of value and quality, one of the widest selection in our field, authentic European designs and true blacksmith traditions, one of the most experienced teams in the wrought iron business, and an unwavering dedication to meet client’s satisfaction. By focusing on quality and service, we’ve been witnessing exceptional growths and expansion of our customers’ businesses from one corner of the world to another. And our production flexibility and diversified range also allow us to cater even the smallest customer from the other side of the world. 

The Sereda Team dedicates itself to provide clients with quality products and care-free services. We truly believe that our products render significant advantages and benefits to the businesses of our customers. 

At Qingdao Sereda., we work hard for your success.